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Classes on Eye Lash Extentions

Permanent Makeup
Eyelash Tinting
Eyelash Extension
Facials with Galvanic current

                 Wakeup with Makeup
          24 Hours of beauty a day



  • Eyebrow shapping
  • Natural permanent eyebrow color
  • Eyebrow hairstrokes
  • Eyelash enhancement (color in the eyelashes)
  • Eyeliner (color above the eyelashes)
  • Lip color or Tinting
  • Correctioning previous treatments
  • Touch ups of fading or discolored previous treatments
  • Removal of small previouse mistakes

Who Needs Permanent Makeup?

There are so many reasons to have permanent makeup done.  The most common reason is that so many people lose the natural shape of their eyebrows as time goes by creating the need to have to pencil in color everyday.   Loss of eyelashes is very common as well.

  •  Over tweezing
  •  Genitic makeup
  •  Chemotherepy
  •  Medical conditions
  •  Hormone deficiency
  •  Natural process of aging

Busy or active lifestyles makes it difficult to maintain that fresh polished look.  Imagine jumping out of the shower with perfect lip color, no smudgy eyeliner and perfect natural looking eyebrows.

Looking fresh at the gym,  beach, hot tub, pool will make people wonder why  you  look so good all the time. 

For so many people eye glasses are needed for getting the eyeliner or eyebrows on straight. You can now be free of these worries for good!

No More high maintanence.......You can have that perfect look 24 hours a day!



Is the process of permanent hair removal by a small presterilized disposable needle that is gentley inserted into the folicle omitting a small amount of galvanic and high frequency current.  It destroys the folicle rendering it non producing of future hairs.

Elelectrolysis is done in a series of treatments based on how many cycles of hairs come that up at any given time.  It is a safe and permanent solution to superfulous hair.

  • Bikini line
  • Facial hair
  • Eyebrows
  • Under arms
  • Legs and feet
  • Ears
  • Shoulders
  • Hands and fingers
  • Brazilian line
  • Neck
  • Anywhere there is hair
  • Transgender welcome